Voxx Socks and Insoles

You are your neurology

Are you interested in enhancing yourself? whether that is health or  performance?

Your whole body is recreating itself over time. Within 12 months not a single cell will be the ones you have within you now. I find that fascinating and when I came across the Voxx products they really grabbed my attention Knowing that our neurology is very much the driver of our health and wellness and most importantly in making sure our brain funtions optimally 

What could be easier than putting your socks on?! 


Explaining Voxx

Typically to adress “issues” the route is pharamceutical in nature. However, this new technology works for you where you are! your system knows the hierachy of what needs addressing. The products are affordable, drug free and safe no matter your age or circumstances. Pain killers and supplements can have unwanted side effects. Vitamins and powders are inconsistent and often expensive. OTC (orthotic) insoles have variable results and custom orthotics often not affordable.

Additionally, in the case of professional and amateur athletes, the spectre of Performance Enhancing Drugs has seemingly invaded every sport at every level. Athletes want and need a safe, natural and legal alternative to achieve maximum performance. Athletes are also consuming supplements, vitamins, protein powders, compression apparel, and high performance shoes all with the aim of improving their performance.

People are investing in training and coaching to reach their peak. Athletes want and need a safe, natural and legal alternatives to achieve maximum performance. ​

Enter Voxx HPT as the safe, natural, instant legal performance and wellness solution. Whether you are looking for: 


Pain management
Improve stability
Increase range of motion
Increase energy
Improve performance
Enhance endurance
Speed up recovery
It is possible to improve your quality of life in so many ways!

Would you like to enhance your immune system?

Immune enhancement is now available, DRUG FREE here is Dr Mark DeBrincat explaining  Neurovax.

Products are also available to improve your sleep quality with the REM patch. Our sleep is of paramount importance to our body’s rest and repair. Are you getting enough?  View the full range here.

Voxx has been highlighted as the biggest breakthrough in healthcare for 50 years. Here the founder Jay tells his story, how he came to this mission for drug-free wellness after looking to ease his mums health challenges


Obviously, no health claims can be made and as we are all different so are our needs. Our neurology will work out the hierarchy of whatever the most pressing problem is. This is often something we are not even aware of. Our cells are replicated over time, science now shows our cells are completely replaced over a short period of time. With Voxx technology you are enhancing where you are currently and therefore improvements are made over time. 
Below are some brief videos showing immediate results. There are so many more videos from very happy customers some are on the official website click here

How it works

Here is a brief explanation of how the brain mapping works



Can I wear more than one Voxx HPT product at a time? 

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Can I wear more than one type of VoxxLife technology at a time?

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Yes, it is safe to wear any combination or all the VoxxLife neuro-technologies (HPT, CBT, NIO, OST) at the same time.

HPT = Human Performance Technology (Socks, Insoles, Harmony Patch, VoxxTherapy Knee Support)
CBT = Cognitive Boost Technology (eSmartr Sleev)
NIO = Neuroplastic Immune Optimization (Neurovax Patch)
OST = Optimized Sleep Technology (RemPatch).

eSmartr Sleev & the Harmony Patch: The eSmartr Sleev needs to be worn on your dominant forearm. The first time the Harmony patch worn, it needs to be placed on the dominant forearm for 24 hours – so do not wear your eSmartr Sleev during this time (since they both need/use the same forearm area). After that initial application, the Harmony patch can then be worn on other spots on the body so that you can return to wearing the eSmartr Sleev at the same time.

It is not recommended to wear the eSmartr Sleev 24/7. Wear the Sleev when you need to focus, reduce anxiety, be creative, learn & concentrate. It can take up to 20 minutes for the CBT technology to take full effect.


What Voxx sock is best for me?

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All of the Voxx socks & insoles have the Voxx HPT technology in them.

Athletic Stasis Socks
No shows – The no shows come up just below the ankle. They are typically worn at the gym, and by golfers and tennis players, and they provide compression in the arch for more support. Along with the tech that immediately gives you greater strength, balance, stability, posture and subsequently pain relief, greater endurance, recovery and more.
Mini crews – These socks come up just over the ankle. They tend to be worn by the same individuals as above with all the same features. these are the only socks that come in the extra-small (XS) size.
Crew – The crews come halfway up the calf. They are popular with young athletes, like basketball, and hockey players; in a word kids think they are cool. These socks offer all the features of the above socks with the additional feature of some compression support for the Achilles tendon.
Knee high – Again, you will find all the technology found in the previous socks with the addition of further compression as the sock approaches the knee. Athletes like them because they keep the muscles warm and they feel it helps the blood flow. Others find these socks help in reducing swelling and are often used when flying. These socks are not at the level of medical compression.
Liner socks – They are a thin sock made to be worn under other socks such as uniform socks. There is no compression, and they come as a mini crew and a crew length. Some people wear the crew as a dress sock.

Wellness Stasis Socks:
Wellness Socks: These amazing socks are 70% cotton, 25% polyester, 3% spandex, and 2% nylon. There is no elastic, or ridges to press on the foot or lower leg, they are diabetic approved and with a double sole they are extremely comfortable. To keep things fun and exciting, wellness styles change every quarter!

VoxxTread is a Wellness Sock with a non-slip bottom for those concerned about slipping when wearing only socks

Iconics: These socks are made up of a poly/cotton blended yarn. The polyester add to the strength and moisture wicking of the socks and the cotton provides a softer hand and more drape to the fabric. The length of the sock is longer than the classic wellness sock however shorter than a knee high. The extra-wide cuff helps to keep the sock in place and the extra padding on the bottom is there for ultra-comfort. The Iconics come in 2 sizes – medium and large and a variety of patterns/colors.
Profiles: The perfect low-cut socks for flats and sneakers. It comes packaged in a 2-pack with a hand-linked toe for ultimate comfort in any shoe, includes an anti-slip silicon stripes on the heel to keep the sock in place and a “Y” heel to help keep the heel in place.
VoxxLuxe Mercerized Cotton Men’s Dress Socks: We want everyone to look good and feel good for every occasion. Premium men’s dress socks featuring mercerized cotton for exceptional coolness and comfort. Longer leg length than our classic Wellness socks. Extra-wide cuff helps to keep the sock in place. One size fit most. Shoe sizes 7.5 to 12. Content 63% mercerized cotton, 32% polyester, 3% spandex, 2% nylon.

VoxxLuxe Merino Wool Men’s / Women’s Dress Socks: Crafted in high-quality merino wool, these socks feel silky soft against the skin – no itch or scratchy sensation. Naturally lightweight and ribbed to provide a snug fit. Thanks to natural moisture-wicking properties, Merino wool will help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you stay dry and comfortable. It has natural antibacterial properties to keep you fresher for longer. These socks are durable, thermal, quick drying, wrinkle free and machine washable in warm/cold water. Colors Available in Black, Brown & Oxford Grey. One size for men US 7.5 to 12 / One Size for Women US 6 -10. Content 68% Wool, 21% polyester, 8% nylon, 3% spandex.

Work & Outdoor:
VoxxTerra: Socks made for outstanding comfort, features and performance for hiking, work and all-day wear in a boot or hiking shoe. These mid-size boot socks feature full-cushion support and comfort, arch support and superior moisture wicking. The socks come in 4 colors: charcoal, forest, teal blue and purple and 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL). Please note: The Teal Blue and Purple are not available in XL. The composition of the socks are as follows: 52.5% acrylic, 22.5% wool, 20% polyester and 5% spandex.


What type of Voxx Insole is right for me?

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All Voxx insoles have the HPT technology embedded into them. Scientific tests show relief from foot pain, increased balance, strength and range of motion. They have an easy trim-to-fit design. There are 5 insole options: Our Bliss (Blue), Classic (Orange) and Rush (Red) Insoles have a slight wedge shape to them and are best for sneakers, casual shoes or boots. The VoxxBella & VoxxBello are flat and thin and great for almost any footwear, including flat-soled shoes, loafers, etc.

VoxxBella (For Women) and VoxxBello (For Men) Thin Insoles – These insoles are the thinnest insoles (1/8th Inch / 4mm) that VoxxLife has ever made! The insoles provide the same HPT benefits as the rest of the VoxxLife products. Additionally, these thin trim-to-fit insoles offer the ease of fitting into almost any footwear including flat-soled shoes. One size range: VoxxBella: Ladies US 3-9 (EU 33-40), if larger than a US Ladies 9 (EU 40), order the VoxxBello Insole instead. VoxxBello One Size Range: US Men’s 7-12 (EU 40-46).

Bliss Insoles (Blue) – The Bliss insoles with HPT have the softest cushioning for maximum comfort. These insoles are suggested for individuals who are on their feet all day or seniors who would benefit most from the additional cushioning.

Classic Insoles (Orange) – The Classic insoles have more cushioning than the Rush but less than that in the Bliss. These insoles are considered the “happy middle” and a great all-around insole for every day use.

Rush Insoles (Red) – Like the other two insoles, Rush insoles provide the same benefits. The Rush insoles have less cushioning than the Bliss and Classic; this allows for the user to have a strong base to push off when make quick changes in direction (for sports). The Rush insoles are recommended for athletic shoes and are great to use while active or playing sports.


What if I have Orthotics already?

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No problem. You can wear the Voxx Socks with your Orthotics to get the benefits of the HPT Technology. I recommend you try the Voxx Insoles at some point as you may find our Insoles just as good, if not better and cheaper then most orthotics. Many customers have switched to the insoles in place of their orthotics.


How do the Voxx socks work?

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VOXX HPT is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuro-receptor activation points on the bottom of the feet that triggers a signal that aides in the brain stem reaching homeostasis (equilibrium). When the brain is in homeostasis it improves our stability and balance, range of motion, better mobility, more strength & endurance, improved reaction times, increased energy, better posture, increased circulation and improves your body’s natural pain killing capabilities improve. The VOXX HPT technology is embedded into all of the products.

The documented results include:

Drug-free pain relief
Better stability and balance
Better range of motion
Improved mobility
More power & endurance
Better acceleration
Improved reaction times
Improved wellness
Improved quality of life


What do these HPT products help with?

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The documented results and benefits arising from the products incorporating the VOXX HPT pattern include enhanced pain relief and management, especially PDN pain, enhanced postural stability and balance, and improved mobility and overall energy levels.


Are the Voxx Athletic Knee-High socks compression grade?

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Our Knee High Socks have a compression rating of 18 mmHg. They have the same feel as that of an over the counter compression knee-high. They are worn by people on their feet all day, on long flights and more.


Should I wear them to bed?

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If you have pain or sleep poorly, we highly recommend you wear the socks to bed. The Wellness or the No-Show Athletic sock are ideal for sleeping in.


How long should I wear my Voxx Socks?

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The more you wear your Voxx socks (or insoles) the better. The more the technology is on your foot, the more opportunity for impact there is. We encourage people with pain to wear them constantly.


Are there any negative effects from wearing the socks?

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If you are experiencing a negative feeling or discomfort, try taking the socks off for an hour and then try them again. The brain may need to adapt to the new sensory input and for some this may take a short adjustment over a few days so gradually increase the amount of time you wear the socks each day. Most people will notice immediate results but for others it may take 2 weeks or more so be sure to wear the socks for 29 days before giving up. To test the benefits take the socks off for one day and you will notice how much better things were when you had them on.


What about children wearing this product?

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Yes, kids can wear them & the Voxx Stasis Athletic Mini-Crew Sock is now available in extra-small (US Youth sizes 1-3) in a few colours.


Is there a proper way to wear the sock?

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Yes. For the Voxx HPT technology to work, the orange pattern woven on the bottom of all the socks must be centered and cover the ball of your foot (the main bottom part/pad of your foot behind your toes).
The athletic socks have small dashed lines sewn into them on top over the toe area to give you an easy visual reference to center and align the sock on your foot.


How do I take care of my Voxx socks?

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They can be hand-washed or machine washed in warm water but it’s best to hang dry them to maximize their life span.
The athletic socks have mesh in specific areas to provide ventilation and putting them into the dryer with other clothing will eventually plug the mesh vents with lint.
Wash inside out.
Do not use bleach.
Do not iron or tumble dry.
Do not dry clean.


How can I tell what size each sock is? (i.e. To pair them up after washing them)

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Each sock has the size sewn into the top inside seam making it easier to pair them up after washing them.


Will my medical plan cover Voxx socks & insoles?

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Due to the vast array of plans we suggest that you ask your plan provider or your medical practitioner.


What guarantee is there on these products?

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There is a 30-day money back guarantee (less shipping) on all products except the Harmony patch or Chill-it Pain Relief.
Please contact us if you are having a concern or if for some unlikely reason, there is a construction quality issue. We will gladly refund or replace it for you.


How long do Voxx socks last / How do I know if the HPT Technology is still working?

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That will depend on the individual. The socks are well made with a 200 needle thread pattern so they are durable.
The benefits of the pattern on the base of the foot is effective unless their is a hole in the orange HPT pattern area.


What is the Harmony HPT Neuropatch?

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They are 24-hour single-use patches, placed on the forearm that provide all the benefits of Voxx HPT and can be worn easily and inconspicuously no matter what the daily activity without the need for socks or insoles or shoes.
You can wear one every day or if you already love the benefits of Voxx socks & insoles, have them handy for those days or activities when you want to ditch the footwear altogether.
The patch is about 1.5 inches square (38 mm).
It is made of hypoallergenic closed-cell PVC foam with a medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive.
Shelf life is 2-years unopened and 24 hours once applied.
The patch can be worn on other parts of the body after the initial placement on the forearm but it will always be most effective on the forearm of your dominant hand.
Due to the nature of how the product is used there is no 30-day guarantee on this product by VoxxLife.

Take a look at the range of Voxx products available by clicking here.


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30 day money back guarantee (not on patches)