TRE Staffordshire

T.R.E stands for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises. Created by David Bercelli a trauma and conflict resolution specialist. This method allows you to self regulate, allowing your body to process and release what no longer serves you. As humans, we experience stress and trauma, and always will! We hold this as tension within our physical bodys. We get “tight”  over time we get numb to that tightness this is our “normal” state and we forget how we were before the accumulation. Only now you may be short-tempered, anxious, confused, sad or any level of emotion that doesn’t serve us and we function from this stored history.

 Are you aware of your level of stress?

Do you know how your body is responding to day to day challenges?

T.R.E can teach you how to RECONNECT with your inbuilt mechanism to release tension and trauma, vibrate it away. Regular TRE regulates your nervous system, improves your immune system and brings you back to being more grounded and present in your body

These neurological tremors brought about by T.R.E follow the patterns of free movement until a constriction is found. The body is designed to do this – the vibration will release the fascia

It’s natural, organic and inbuilt!      This is about self-empowerment, self-regulation

“you cant heal trauma through counselling”  says Bessel Van Der Kolk. Psychiatrist and Author of “The body keeps the score”. Mind Brain and Body in the transformation of Trauma.

Benefits of TRE over time include

Increased resilience
Improved productivity
Reduced stress and anxiety
Increased sense of wellbeing
Improved sleep
Less tension
We all carry tension and trauma to a lesser or more degree and often don’t recognise it because we gradually get used to it, we numb out.  The beauty of this process is that you do not have to have any conscious awareness of “issues” no stories to tell, our bodies are very wise, they hold the key to our mental and emotional health.


Where? At the Yoga Collective,  Upper Floor 3 Quonians Lane Lichfield WS13 7LA

When? The first Tuesday of the month at 8pm Please see the calendar below to book your place, spaces are limited to 10 for your comfort and safety

The cost involved is?  £20 per person in a group session

Private sessions are available on request at £70 please contact to arrange 

Employers choosing to support their staff in the workplace, please contact for further details 

Ultimately this is a process that once learned you will continue in your own home at your own pace for your ongoing wellbeing.