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Discovery Day

You are possibly overwhelmed with the choices available today that can support you in your wellbeing.

 You may recognise something needs to change and you don’t know where to start

 Would you like to come and join a small group for a discovery day? where you will learn why you are seeking right now. It is never about the external goal and always about how you feel about things, feelings are your sat nav!! Then follows the meaning you make of them, that is a whole other story 

You will learn AND experience a variety of tools on how to shift your internal world (which then changes your outer world, but we won’t go there:)

During the day we will look at: 

TRE which stands for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises


This method is a series of movements that assist your body in releasing deep muscular tension. You already have an inbuilt natural reflex to recalibrate your nervous system!! With this method, you can self -regulate your way out of your stored patterns. You are a walking recorded history of the past and your conditioning.This simple yet profound practice has been taught to thousands globally. Many report feelings of peace and wellbeing! It can release emotions ranging from mild upset to severe anxiety, excessive worry, relationship issues or physical traumas from accidents. And all without the need for the story!!!


mBIT – Multiple Brain Integration Techniques


You will be introduced to your multiple brains how and why they work as they do. What difference alignment will make to you. The impact on your health and wellbeing. You will be shown a way to align your brains, this practice alone will build your resiliance!

How to make wise decisions, it’s not what you think.


EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique


Known as acupuncture without the needles. This method is fast becoming very well known for its ease to dramatically relieve both mental and physical symptoms. Currently being used within many NHS departments because of its ease and efficacy. Typically the results are lasting.  EFT has been used and found to be effective for a variety of issues, including:


Addictive Cravings

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Anger
  • Compulsions and Obsession
  • Depression and sadness
  • Dyslexia
  • Enhancing self -image

Changes at your fingertips!

Bach Remedies

This system of flower essences, created by Doctor Edward Bach, works on us at a vibrational level with every emotion. You may well have heard of the most commonly used Rescue Remedy What is not commonly know is that there are 38 remedies in the system and they can be taken in combinations to suit your personal circumstances. They are safe to use from the cradle to the end of life stage with no side effects. They either hit the spot to make the shift or they don’t do anything. Rather like tuning your radio, either you get to hear the chanel or you don’t.  They can be purchased from the high street and not even over the counter just regular good quality health food stores and chemists.

All of the above tools are for you to be able to look after yourself and your loved ones. I have been very keen during my explorations and training’s to only share what has worked for me personally and what can be taught to others for their own self- care and well being. I am not interested in hooking people in for months of one to one work so there is no upsell! Please also note none of this is to replace medical or psychological professional healthcare. If ever in doubt, you would be well advised to speak to your trusted Doctor or healthcare provider.

You will go home armed with valuable tools and practices you can continue to use and share with your loved ones.

We will work together in small groups of up to 10 people from 9.30am through to 4.30 pm Drinks during the day are included as is lunch

The venue, will depend on numbers, with a minimum of 5 I would choose to deliver from my home near Burton On Trent Staffordshire. Larger numbers would most likely be at the Holiday Inn, Burton On Trent where accomodation is also available at a reasonable cost 


Are you ready to invest in yourself?

This low cost keeps the experience open to all £97!

I so look forward to sharing the day with you




Sue X 


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I am creating something special. Work at your own pace alongside me and the community for ongoing support and to delve deeper into your ways of being.

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