Kind Words

I had the great pleasure of meeting Sue when we both attended the first ever mBIT Master Coach training. Sue is one of those people it’s really easy to get along with and as we worked together on the course I got a real sense of how deeply she cares about the wellbeing of her clients (in this case, me) and I was sure that we would remain in contact after we all went home. Until I met Sue I had not heard of TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) and was curious to learn more, so I subsequently attended an introductory session she ran for our local EFT Swap Group. Sue led the session with great confidence and clear guidance, taking us through the exercises in gentle stages. At all times I felt completely safe.

Both Sue and I have a profound love of learning, always building our skill sets. It was natural then for us to join up and present an introduction to mBIT at a supervision day for 80+ holistic practitioners, after which Sue became more heavily involved in training for this modality.

I’ve studied with her, I’ve worked with her (as practitioner and client), I’ve presented with her and through it all Sue has consistently shown up as extremely competent and dedicated to the best outcomes for her clients, colleagues and friends. Oh – and she has a sense of humour, which is always a plus!

When you choose to work with Sue you can be guaranteed of her highest intention for you.

Joy Griffiths

Business Consultant and Coach

Every time I have a session with Sue something new appears and I can’t wait for the next session! I didn’t really get the whole gut brain, heart brain thing before. I suppose I was skeptical… Well of course I would be since I was completely cut off from my gut (& had chronic issues with my digestion for a decade); didn’t trust my heart and spent all my time in my head being practical and bored! Now I am learning to include all 3 brains in my decision making and creativity and the world has become a joyful, playful place again. If you want to tap into your true desires, express yourself creatively AND have the energy and motivation to follow through speak to Sue! ❤

Karen Robinson

Health an Wellbeing Coach

Sue is a very likable person and has an extensive knowledge of her therapies, she always treats me in a professional manner. Throughout my life I have had many issues, either by parents, at school through bullying, as well as other physical abuse. Sue has been a great source of inspiration. I have been enlightened and educated in the therapy that I have received from her. If I can pass on any advice, it is that you will benefit from using her guidance. She has helped me to overcome many emotional hurdles from my life. I feel so much more relaxed and confident as a result.
Philip A


Sue was highly recommended to me by a well – respected practitioner and I have been most happy with the outcome of our sessions.Sue offers a friendly, sympathetic, supportive and relaxed environment for her clients and is an understanding, non – judgemental listener.She has certainly brought me many helpful insights and achievable and valuable ways forward.I always enjoy my sessions with her and feel the benefits afterwards.I am most happy that I acted on the recommendation that I was given

Celia Sedgewick

Sue is a wonderful coach and support, she has a professional yet gentle manner and is clearly extremely knowledgeable in her field.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. 

Jacky Wood

Tropic Ambassador

When I first met Sue, I was suffering badly with every part of my life, from family issues, past issues (bullying both mental and physical), anger issues and just general anxiety issues. I felt hurt and alone. When we started working together, Sue put me at ease straight away. I felt calm and optimistic that my life would change to how I had been dreaming it would be. I used to have some dark days but  Sue showed me what I needed to get me through that difficult period of my life. Sue helped me see in more ways than one that I can be the person I’ve always wanted to be! She is just wonderful and a credit to her profession. A true inspiration to the world. Thank you for everything you have done. “I choose to win”
Soph U

Reiki Practitioner

Before meeting Sue, I was haplessly drifting through life, letting others make decisions for me and wondering why success only ever happened for everyone else. Things are different now. Sue has helped me to recognise that only I can unlock my own potential and that I have a responsibility to myself and those I love to do so. Since meeting her, I have arrived at a better understanding of myself, been able to face the barriers that have held me back and achieved things I hadn’t thought possible. And best of all: I am now in a position to help others.
Nicola T


Sue – thank you doesn’t seem enough to say for all you have done for me. You are truly an amazing gifted and special person that I feel blessed to have met and had the pleasure of working on some of my deeply rooted issues, which are no longer there! Anxiety has been a part of my life for some time now and what I noticed when we worked together was my anxiety calmed to such a level i no longer felt it taking hold of me and you did that and you were able to go beyond my anxiety to the cause of my problem. You are one of lifes greatest achievements and I would recommend all of your services in a heartbeat to everyone. You are amazing and the real deal!!
Jason S

Social Care Manager

When I first met Sue I was in a dark lonely place with no self esteem and pretty much a broken man. With the help of Sue and the use of her techniques I began to believe, respect and like myself, for which I am truly grateful. It has been invaluable in my rehabilitation. Life can get better!

Chris C


Sue is very conscientious and passionate about the lives of people and the important role that a good level of self esteem plays in their overall well being.
Sue K


Sue is a beautiful, calm, grounded coach who comes from the heart. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to hold the space to enable you to work through your issues, safely and offering guidance as appropriate. Dont be fooled by the calm and gentle exterior though – she will get you moving and taking action in a profoundly gentle way

Suzanne Henwood

Master Coach and Trainer

I contacted Susan some days later- after reading her very informative article in local magazine whilst awaiting to go into my doctor s appointment. It coincided with me being at a point when after suggestions from family members for many years to seek help that it felt like the right time to do so. I have been suffering with anxiety for many years—kept thinking you have nothing to be anxious about. The contact was pretty stressless and Susan responded promptly. We set a date and time for contact and discussed in a nut shell background situation. I was nervous prior to our first meeting-probably because admitting to needing some help to get along with things was a bit alien to me as I have always tried to sort it by myself. When we met I felt that there was that connection to promote health and well being–we chatted and then got to work!!!! I felt as though I was at the point of surrender— but had no real idea as to how to out it–so to speak. Susan has assisted me to facilitate this. She has encouraged me when I felt that personally—- my feelings should not be made to be priority when I knew they should be but could not quite say so. I know that I have a lot more work to do but I am feel that by the end of my time spent with Susan I will be much more equipped to be in tune with me. The TRE training is very strange at first but it is a tried and tested method which I hope to be able to maintain throughout.—Thank you for your guidance Susan–so much so that I have recommended Susan to friends/familyy

Anne- marie

registered Nurse

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