mBIT Coach Certification

mBIT stands for Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, it helps us to get out of our own way and understand our processing.

Why? Have you ever worked with a client that agrees on action steps and doesn’t follow through?

Ever struggled with a client to find what they “really” want? Are they really connected to that goal? Usually, they can easily say what they do not want

Maybe you have trouble following your own action plan? I know I did!

There is a good reason.

There is a good chance it is a miss alignment of their brains!

WHAT? I hear you shout.

Yes, that is right. Science now proves we have “functional neural adaptive networks” let’s call them brains for short. We have a brain in our head one in our heart and one in our gut and they all have very different jobs to do.

Different personality styles function with different patterns and you will find that each of us uses strategies that are not fully “aligned” Our preferences are suboptimal and so we get frustrated. We don’t take action or we do take action when it is not in our best interest. These are just some of the patterns.



Until now coaching, and counselling for that matter has been very head based. We have left the body out of it!

mBraining is a new method of coaching that is a blend of positive psychology,  NLP and behavioural modelling.  Australian co-creators, Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka, have spent considerable time researching experts in their respective fields.

This synthesized knowledge confirms the teachings of ancient wisdom, we can now evidence its worth! The beauty of mBIT coaching is that you are not only coaching to achieve ‘goals’. You are instead seeking to understand why the client has not been able to move forward

This methodology beautifully shows why clients often sabotage their efforts; their head, heart and gut are not in alignment;
That could be because they don’t feel ready, why?

They don’t feel safe, why?

It’s not REALLY right for them, why?

The answers are ready to be uncovered, when were listening!

Want to learn more?

The certification itself is a 4-day program to explore and learn how to coach this way. This is a ‘stand-alone’ method and so will not interfere with any of your current expertise, it will only enhance this.

With a growing global community, you will never be alone (unless of course, that is your choice).

My own personal experience has taught me that I was not connected to my gut, which is our ‘motivation in action’ centre. Taking action has been a challenge for me, even when steps were identified.

I have trained with multiple coaching providers over the years, but nothing I have experienced has brought me closer to an understanding of myself and others as mBIT has. This is why I chose to take action, to become an mBIT Trainer, licensed to certify others.


This is a way to your wisdom. Pure and simply, your most COURAGEOUS, COMPASSIONATE and CREATIVE self. From this place, you can help others to get there too.

I am excited to share this work with anyone who feels the call, especially if you work with youngsters, our future society!

2020 dates are cancelled due to the current COVID challenges. Please contact to register your interest for future dates. 

This 4 day training will take place in Staffordshire, Burton upon Trent. Investment does not include accommodation. Lunch will be provided.

If you work for a charity,  non profit  or within Education, please contact me to discuss a reduced rate