Good Enough Mother

The information we never had

We are more than our mother, daughter, wife, sister roles and labels!

Helping mothers recognise their super power and how to keep it in check! through personality profiling, ancient wisdom and neuroscience

Saving time and money on exploring your most important asset….. You!

Are you interested in being the best parent you can be?

So that you can enjoy family relationships without guilt, anxiety or overwhelm?

Our mental and emotional wellbeing is in direct relation to our personality. That is why different people can experience the same event and have very different perspectives.

So here is the truth we are all good enough, we are all right! and were alright!

Our self-concept is the key to everything, it runs our emotions our thinking and our behaviour.

Truly knowing ourselves becomes even more important as we take on responsibility for our children.  We will teach our children how to connect with others from our ways, with what we learned! This is based on our neurology/personality and they are wired differently! What could go wrong?

  • 1 in 8 of our children are diagnosed with mental health issues
  • 1 in 3 adults have mental health challenges attributed to childhood experiences
  • Depression is the predominant mental health problem worldwide followed by anxiety

Truly knowing yourself is your greatest gift to yourself, your loved ones and beyond. Please note our children are on their own journey and you are NOT responsible for how they respond to anything! We have no control over the reactions of others including our children. It is however all about feedback and what we choose to do differently, with awareness     

Does this promise a happy ever after life, no challenges? err no, this is life school, there will always be challenges to deal with. However self  knowledge gives you the tools and strategies to see yourself in a new light and to use your SuperPower the right way   

I don’t have all your answers but you do.

I am not a guru of any kind! but I will walk with you on this journey of self-exploration. I promise you, you will like what you find. 



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