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The Missing Curriculum

Do you recognise yourself as one of a kind and valuable?

Most, if not all of us feel quite the opposite. In fact feeling not good enough is common and something we admit only in spaces we feel our vulnerabilty will be met with sensativity.

How does this self awareness happen? how do we gain our sense of who we are?

Through  relating to others! but if others are doing the same how skewed is that picture? 

Then we send our kids to school and they have to conform and be like everyone else. We grade them! as if this is a measure of who they are. 

If you read most schools mission statements they sound fantastic. Do you believe they deliver on it? They promise one thing and deliver another.  The focus is way too much on passing exams for subjects the children themselves have very little if any interest in. 

The process we allow our children to go through is a major challenge to their uniqueness. We all just want to ‘fit in’ to feel safe, when we don’t the exclusion can feel life-threatening. That isn’t an exaggeration, we are often traumatised by events in our childhood, events that filter into our adult lives both consciously and unconsciously in our behaviours and actions.

 As parents, we see and often judge our children against their peers especially the test results as this is a measure of who they really are, it is not!

 Each and every one of us is gifted in our own unique way.   

When do we start to acknowledge that? Often we don’t and we half live, yet ask ANY parent what they want for their children and the stock answer is “for them to be happy” What does that take?

The truth is there is no such thing as a happy person. Happiness, like any emotion is transient, it comes and goes. Learning to ride the waves of emotional life is not currently on the curriculum and yet it is the very subject that can make the difference to your levels of joy! Joy is not a response that external events can touch, it is who you are when you know yourself deeply. 

When we address the emotions of a situation we can learn from the event and not need to carry it forward with us.

Every addiction in life is behaviour that masks our unmet emotional needs.

To be seen and heard is the most powerful way to support anyone including our children.    As parents, we will raise our children with a blend of what we did or did not like about our own childhood and what we observe to be the social norms of today.



    Our self-concept is the key to everything, it runs our emotions our thinking and our behaviour.

    Truly knowing ourselves is paramount to our realtionship with our children and how they see themselves.  We will teach them how to connect with others from our ways, with what we learned! 

    This is based on our neurology/personality and they are wired differently! What could go wrong?

    • 1 in 8 of our children are diagnosed with mental health issues
    • 1 in 3 adults have mental health challenges attributed to childhood experiences
    • Depression is the predominant mental health problem worldwide followed by anxiety

     Truly knowing yourself is your greatest gift to yourself, your loved ones and beyond.  It can bring you peace of mind and guilt free parenting.


    I am not a guru of any kind! I am here to share my experiences In the hope it will save you time money and pain. I will walk with you on this journey of self-exploration.

    One promise I can make is that you will like what you find. You are already Perfect, you were born that way and so are your children!



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